Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random Pictures from the end of last year or so

I also realized that the pictures from Jett's birth did not upload so I got that updated so if you care to see pictures of Jett when he was born go back to this post  Jett Warren Christiansen Post

wearing the same dress that grandma TT wore when she was her age

December....Christmas of course

December was a busy month with school and work and getting ready for christmas.  Christmas is so much fun with the kids.  We got snow on christmas day which waking up to was so fun.  Kids loved all the lights and watching movies and talking about Jesus. Jett even turned 4 months old on christmas day. I am thankful for all that was done for us in 2014 and even though it was a long hard year with lots of ups and down we celebrated the new year and we're ready for the new year with lots of goals for ourselves.

4 months old Christmas day

November.... Jett 3 months old, Thanksgiving

Jett turned 3 months old on the 25th of Nov and is growing good. We got to travel to Farmington and be there for a whole week to celebrate thanksgiving.  All of my brothers came to town also and it was so fun to see all the kids playing together.  For thanksgiving diner we had to do it at the church cause so much family it was awesome almost 60 people from both my dad's and mom's sides of the family. My amazing cousin maquel came home from her miss on and boy have I missed her. Ashley really missed her too and we were glad we got to spend so much time with her.

October...Jett's blessing, Jett 2 months old, Halloween

October was a busy month for us.
Jett had his baby blessing on Oct 12 2014. He was so handsome and it was so nice to have so many family members who were able to travel from near and far to celebrate Jett with us.
Jett also turned 2 months old on the 25th. At two months he weighted 11 lbs 22 ins long
Halloween was a lot of fun. We got dressed up and went to our church Halloween party. The kids then went trick or treating for a little while.

@ 6 weeks old

Saturday, September 27, 2014

1 month old

My baby is not a newborn anymore and it makes me sad. Jett is now 1 month old as of the 25 of sept and she growing so fast. She now weights 9.7lbs and is 22 in long! He is bigger then both of the other kids were at this age. She is out of newborn clothes and growing out of some of his 0-3month clothes also since he is so tall. His hair is also coming in red. That's right red. We will see but we might have a red head on our hands. He is smiling little boy who loves his siblings. He will only cry if he is tried or hungry or in his car seat to long and wants someone to talk to him.  We love him more and more each day.

Ashley is 5 and preschool

My little girl is now five where has time gone? She turned 5 on Sept 5 and we didn't do anything big since I had a baby the week before but she was happy with her little family party. We had her favorite diner spaghetti and opened gifts and had frozen cupcakes. She is such a blessing in our lives in so many ways.
She also started preschool the following week on Sept 8th. She is going to preschool at byu four days a week in the afternoons. She loves everything about it and looks forward to going everyday. She has even been fighting me on leaving preschool when it is over and does not want to go home at all. Jameson misses her while she is gone but it works out for me since it is nap time the whole time she is gone! Most of the time Jett is sleeping also and I get a nice break to relax and take in the peace or get something done. She is also doing speech therapy again this year. She has had a big improvement from last year but it will continue to help her. She loves that she gets to go to two schools on Thursdays.  She is learning and growing I love it but it also makes me sad she is getting too big! Love my girl!